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U-Slope Computer Writing Platform
u Slope Computer Writing Platform


USlope Mini Laptop Stand.
U-Slope Mini is an adjustable
laptop stand.


USlope File Shelf supports a thick book.
The U-Slope file shelf can also
support thick books.

USlope bookshelf holds file folders and papers.
U-Slope book shelf can hold
file folders and papers as well.

U Slope

A reading and writing slope designed with U in mind.

The unique design of the uSlope allows the document holder to transform into a reading and writing slope by gliding it forward over the keyboard. Once the keyboard is required the u Slope simply glides back into its document holder position. Prevents reaching and twisting as your papers are placed directly in front of you.

The u Slope unclutters your desk by combining many functions into one compact multipurpose unit.

  • Document Holder? - Built In!
  • Adjustable Reading Slope? - Built In!
  • Adjustable Writing Slope? - Built In!
  • Book Stand? - Built In!
  • File Holder? - Built In!
  • Laptop Holder? - Built In!
  • Pen/pencil storage? – Built In!

U slope’s gliding action allows it to be positioned at the front edge of the work surface, even when an additional wrist support is used. This eliminates the need to lean over to reach your papers and reduces neck and back stain.

USlope File Shelf
U Slope file shelf

USlope pen and pencil storage
The U-Slope file shelf and book holder can be
attached to the side of the U-Slope
for pen and pencil storage.

  • Reading/Writing surface supports file folders, books, binders, or documents. Can also be used as a sturdy laptop stand.
    • Standard U Slope:
      510 mm x 320 mm (20.1” x 12.6”)
    • Mini U Slope:
      380 mm x 320 mm (15.0” x 12.6”)
  • Adjustable slope with 6 angles for reading and writing up to 45°.
  • Full clearance above the keyboard, so you can freely glide the U Slope forward for reading/writing and backward for keying. Clearance accommodates ergonomic keyboards and wrist supports.
  • Optional non-slip pad (included) transforms the U Slope into a rigid reading and writing slope.
  • Removable bottom lip accommodates large documents and media (e.g., blueprints, x-rays).
  • Optional line guide facilitates reading of detailed data.
  • Magnetic document holder.
  • Built-in pen/pencil storage.
  • Suitable for both left and right handed users.
  • Strong powder-coated steel construction.

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The U Desking product line from the Ergonomic Cafe offers high strength, quality, light weight, and precision design for demanding ergonomic task requirements.

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